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Do we really need to work on relationships? | Develop Yourself and Your Relationships

Do we really need to work on relationships?

Until recent years, people would not entertain the idea of working on relationships. Thus, the question is valid: do we really need to work on relationships?

We live in fast speed, in times of changes like in a kaleidoscope, in busyness and an overflow of information. That’s the reality of our lives, and it was never like this before. Things are changing, and relationships change as well. Our expectations about relationships have changed massively from expectations our grandparents (and all generations before) had.

Until 50-ties of the last century, the model of close relationships was strongly regulated by law, social pressures and cultural traditions, including racial and economic barriers. Then – bang! A huge multi-layered social revolution smashed all this down like a bulldozer. The impact of these changes creates (unthinkable before) freedom in our social life and relationships, but also creates deep confusions and often chaos.

So, if we have so much freedom in being in relationships, and – most likely – so big expectations, how do we navigate through these unknown deep waters of love relationships? Love relationships were never easy to be in (as in all times poets and thinkers elaborate) but now they seem to be even more complicated than ever.

How could we use our freedom wisely in relationships matter? We can learn new things as we do with all freedom coming with new technologies and easy accessible information.

We have also freedom to not learn and stay with conflicted needs and options, that’s sure. Nobody is forced to use computers, smartphones, and cars – true? But we use them to make our life easier, more comfortable, and hopefully – happier.

Relationships science and art are coming in hand with our new expectations and hopes; and nothing is so valuable in our life like feelings of love and belonging. As the science has proved, the needs of love and belonging are more important than our biological needs.

Let’s begin a journey to happier, whole relationships. In my posts I’ll share with you my best knowledge and experience in working with people on relationships. There are also forthcoming resources, workshops and online courses to guide you to newand more fulfilling relationships. For those who need more specific, tailored coaching or therapy – online or in-room consultations with Hania are also available.

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