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Romantic Relationships Paradoxes: Love is a Free Bird | Develop Yourself and Your Relationships

Romantic Relationships Paradoxes: Love is a Free Bird

From all experiences of Love, the Romantic Love is most mysterious and most wanted. This kind of Love touches us in the deepest point of inner being, promising happiness and bliss not available in any other circumstances.

When we experience such desired state of feeling, it’s natural that we want to keep it forever. But Love is a Free Bird, especially the Romantic Love.

What is the Paradox of Relationships here? When Love takes us for a ride, we are driven by a strong desire to be closer, to get more, to never end what makes us so happy. And to prevent any interruptions of the blissful union. We could even (temporary off course) forget about ourselves, out interests and other important stuff. Sometimes in the name of love we might even betray some crucial personal values.

And that is exactly a beginning of the end of the Romantic Love. That desire to hold creates an invisible cage for the lover and Love in our own minds.

It’s like in a story about a boy who loved his little bird and didn’t want to lose it; holding it strongly in his hand, he walked around very happy. And when he opened his fist to have a look, the bird was there – dead.

In order to be alive, the Bird of Love must be free. In order to enjoying it, you must release it.

Intellectually, logically – yes, you know that it’s true, you know that you need to let the Bird to fly freely. But in experiencing a real love crush we all are vulnerable.We – naturally – want to hold it tight, not lose it.

The way of allowing the Bird of Love to fly freely – starts from acknowledging our vulnerability in the state of love. To agree that we can’t control it. To face our deepest fears of being rejected and hurt.

Such inventory, done with self-honesty, isn’t a bad thing. It’s actually a good start to see what we need to work on in ourselves to be more open to Love. To less fear Love. Getting there with awareness and inner honesty – gradually builds a special kind of real confidence: inner strength and fearlessness of being authentic in all relationships. (The secret is: that kind of confidence is the most sexy, most attractive thing for people!) Relationship Paradoxes will be continued; stay with me.

Hania Gorski

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